RAÜL Reverter Trop’s in jazz at JUBILEE

January 28th Concert

RAÜL Reverter Trop’s in jazz at JUBILEE (Barcelona) 28-1-2010

The saxophonist and composer, Raül Reverter, is one of the mostvalued young musicians on theCatalan Jazz scene. His most recentalbum, “Trop’s in Jazz” wasreleased in 2009 after eight yearsof silence. It is the fruit of Reverter’s experimentation with Josef Mathias Hauer’s method of composition, dodecaphony, and includes Reverter’s own particular groove-improvisational style.
Trop’s in Jazz” brings together Raül Reverter’s talents as a com poser, instrumentalist, arranger, and experimenter.
The title of Reverter’s new album is based on the Greek term trope, which means “a turn, a change.” The album is a reference, even homage, to Hauer’s twelve-tone technique which sought to break free of the confi nes of traditional western music by becoming more spiritual, sensual and based on personal rather than imposed rules.
The quartet, led by Reverter on alto sax, includes Jordi Farrés on the guitar, Jordi Gaspar on the bass and Toni Pagès on the drums.

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